Essay on A College Education

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There are a couple of places where the comma usage in this essay is not standard. Commas are a difficult form of punctuation for many people, and getting used to using them comes from writing frequently. Here are two places where commas would be expected, and I’ve included the rules (from Purdue OWL) for why they belong there. In both cases, the comma belongs in between the underlined words.

So, after reviewing the above essay and seeing how each paragraph contains a supporting idea that backs up your thesis, look at the following paragraph from your essay: “Supporters of a college education would argue that without a college degree you can barely afford the basics. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Affairs, the average wage of those with just a high school education was $11.50 per hour in 2011. That totals $1,768 per month before taxes. Students with a high school education can afford the basics. A college student can afford the basics but with a huge debt to worry about. That go to show that having a college degree is good for getting better jobs. Having a high school education help too.” In my mind, your supporting statement is that “Students with a high school education can afford the basics.” However, this paragraph does not all work together to make that statement effective. Before the underlined section, the paragraph builds with information that shows how much money someone out of high school makes. This is a great start. When you to the main statement of…

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