A College Education Is Not A Waste Of Time Essay

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In our society, a college education, to some, is either an option or a privilege. Many individuals do not value the importance of a college education as many students try their hardest to get in a college or to pay it off. While in high school, the majority of students have the mindset to go to college while others not so much. These students who thrive to go to college want to go and achieve what they have always wanted to be in life, however, when the time comes for a college education, many students refuse to either go to college, or cannot continue in college because of the cost it brings. It is with no doubt that college may bring stress, consume free time, and bring financial complications. Nevertheless, the cost that college brings truly is worth the sacrifice that is made. Graduates are potentially entitled to better job opportunities, healthier lifestyles, and personal development. A college education may seem to require a lot from an individual; however, with smart choices and strong priorities, college can be made worth the cost. Going to college and getting a degree does not guarantee …show more content…
Opposing views claim that many students who go to college waste their time because most do not even finish, thus making it a waste of time and money. They argue people can still get jobs without a college degree. Admittedly, some students do not finish college and never return to finish it. Also, many people with a high school diploma are finding as many jobs as other with a college degree. However, just because others decide to not finish college does not mean other individuals want to do the same. There are students who are putting their time and money to graduate from college. There are also a number of students who get a better position in their job because they have, not just a high diploma but also a college degree. Therefore, college is worth the effort. It may have many trials, but it is definitely worth the

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