A Cold And Windy Day

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On a cold and windy day Robert James an Oysterman and resident of lower Terrebonne Parish, was devastated when he arrived at his workplace. He went to dredge the oyster beds to make some money for upcoming bills and came to a conclusion that someone had illegally fished his beds. Many people in lower Terrebonne Parish depend on commercial fishing to make a living. Robert paid for his lease to fish the oyster beds and someone else basically took his paycheck from him. When people commit illegal activity on the waterways, it can harm families’ income and way of living. The Wildlife and Fisheries agents in lower Terrebonne Parish should regulate the waterways more to watch for theft, to check licenses and registration, and lastly to enforce laws.
Due to the amount of illegal activity, the Wildlife and fisheries agents in Terrebonne Parish should regulate the waterways, too many times people are being let go and not being held accountable for their actions. This affects commercial fisherman’s way of living because then thieves and vandalizers think they will get off easy if they commit crimes. When calling to report illegal activity on the water, wildlife agents are more often times than not going to say there is nothing they can do about it. Wildlife agents should hold anyone accountable no matter how big or small the issues are. Ryan Dardar, a local shrimper, was angered one day when he noticed his land net and camp had been vandalized. Someone had spray painted his camp and

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