Essay about A Coffee Shop Environment

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The Muse, a great place to drink coffee, interact, and observe social forces in action. This Sociology Project is to show how individuals interact with one another in a coffee shop environment. The Muse is a coffee shop located in Wyndhurst, Virginia and is a predominately white and upper-middle class suburb. The study took place on the afternoon of October 24, 2016. Individuals at the Muse were studied through visual observation and any verbal observation that could be pieced together to relate back to the Structural-Functionalism theory, a society’s system of dividing people into strata, each piece have an influence into why things happen. This theory was supported by the major observables aspect of the individuals at the Muse. Individuals were predominantly white, the cars parked outside were upper-end vehicles, each individual appeared to not be in poverty because of their laptops and casual dress attire, and there was an overwhelming amount of young individuals. These observations also help support that a coffee shop is a popular place for college students to conduct their work, and thus a generalization can be made that these individuals will commonly be found at coffee shops.
Each individual was not seen without some form of technology whether that be a cell phone or an apple laptop, everyone was being productive in their own way. There were very few personal conversations happening, with the exception of a few in the corners who were very quiet. The Muse…

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