A Code Of Ethics In Critical Thinking And Ethics

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Critical Thinking and Ethics
Critical thinking and ethics has an important relationship with each one depending on the other. Critical thinking is something you do almost every day from buying a new car to deciding what route to take to work in order to save the most money. Critical thinking also plays a role in developing our ethics when we are figuring out whether something is right or wrong or what the consequences could be of each choice.
Defining Critical Thinking and How It Is Used
Ellis defines critical thinking as “the ability to sort out conflicting claims, weighing the evidence, letting go of personal biases, and arriving at reasonable conclusions” (Ellis, 2014). Critical thinking is a great tool to use when solving problems because it helps you to put aside all biases you may have. The benefits of this are that you come away with a more effective decision.
Six Steps in the Critical Thinking Process
In the critical thinking process there are six steps to follow in order to assure success. The first of these six steps is remembering. Remembering
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Your ethics can guide and assist you when making difficult decisions. Ethics can also help you to contemplate the effect your decisions will have on other individuals. Ethics may apply to professional and societal responsibilities as well. In many professions, there is a Code of Conduct which is made up of rules and expectations which, if not followed, may result in disciplinary action. A Code of Conduct is generic by no means, and someone who works in the fire department will have a different Code of Conduct than someone who works as a technician. Ethics, when applied to society, is usually in the form of federal and state laws. These laws, once broken, can result in fines or even imprisonment. The influence of ethics in real life is unmistakable whether you are making difficult decisions or just following the Code of Conduct at

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