A Co Teaching Model : Committed Professionals, High Expectations, And The Inclusive Classroom

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Introduction In A Co-teaching Model: Committed Professionals, High Expectations, and the Inclusive Classroom; Karen Wise Lindman and Kathleen Magiera discuss how they co-taught in the classroom. Their teaching practice was done with a student who had a cochlear implant name, Jeffery. After two years of having his implant and a sign language interpreter; Jeffery showed signs of still having limited language skills. In order to help him get to his fullest potential, a few dedicated professionals decide to make it a team effort. Using the Magiera- Simmons Quality Indicator Model of Co-Teaching. The professional learned how to communicate, respect, and have expectations to each other and Jeffery.
When Jeffery started the first grade his IEP team determined to place him in an inclusive general education class. This gave him the chance to have a greater access to curriculum and improve his social skills. His services included a general education teacher, a speech-language pathologist, an occupational therapist and an interrupter. All had never worked as the team together, but they all wanted to the same outcome. To help Jeffery meet all his IEP goals. They understood that they key of c0-teaching is nest meet by professionals who meet the needs of the student. They decided to use The Magiera Simmons Quality Indicator model of Co-teaching. This model has six stages planning, professional development, setting standards. Reflections, external observation, and…

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