A Cloudy Day Poem Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… What about this “Cloudy Day” was so in particular? In the second stanza Baca talks about the wind again, and the guards on the tower. Something about this day makes Baca look at these details in jail even more so. Here is what the speaker says, “In the exercise yard we sat huddled in our prison jackets, on our haunches against the fence, and the wind carried our words over the fence, while the vigilant guard on the tower held his cap at the sudden gust.” As the reader at this point of the poem it would be assumed to think about the chances of Baca trying to escape jail. Like the day was going by so slow, and time was standing still.
The third stanza of this poem makes the reader really start to look at the metaphors Baca used in the poem. The narrator says this in the third stanza, “I could see the main tower from where I sat, and the wind in my face gave me the feeling I could grasp the tower like a cornstalk, and snap it from its roots of rock. The wind
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The final stanza says this, “The third day of spring, and four years later, I can tell you, how a man can endure, how a man can become so cruel, how he can die or become so cold, I can tell you this, I have seen it every day, every day, and still I am strong enough to love you, love myself and feel good; even as the earth shakes and trembles, and I have not a thing to my name, I feel as if I have everything, everything.” The speaker again talks about “you.” Is he referring to maybe the mother that gave him away, or the grandmother that put him in an orphanage? Baca is making this sound like he does still carry around some hurt for the way he was raised, but now he has let it all go. He is starting over and wants everyone to know that he is not holding a grudge

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