Essay on A Closer Look At Violence

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A closer look at Violence, in “The odyssey” . The Odyssey was written by an unknown writer Homer, long ago. These series of small books tells the stories of the Great Odysseus and his journey back home to Ithaca years after the Trojan War. Odysseus faced very man battels throughout his voyage home, and felt defeated multiple times. While dealing with gods, goddess, and different monsters, Odysseus came across many events where he was forced to fight and deal with constant violence. Specifically in the 9th book of The Odyssey titled In the One-eyed Giants Cave, the amount of violence showed was extreme and is questionable to if it was unjust or not. Taking a closer look at the 9th book of The Odyssey Homer shows an extreme amount of violence and makes it questionable to if his actions can be justified or if he should be looked at as a good hero and ruler. The 9th book begins by Odysseus arriving at Ismarcus, the city of ciclones. This event was the first of many that had a very large amount of violence involved. Odysseus and his men were eventually attacked, and forced out the land by the Ciclones. The men went on the land and eventually attempted to take over, kill and become greedy. “There I sacked the city, killed the men...” (292.45-46). Odysseus attempted to blame the attack on his fellow shipmen saying “Then I urged them to cut and run, set sail, but would they listen? Not those mutinous fools;”(292. 50-51). The cicones and some of their stronger neighbors…

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