A Closer Look At Gender Contraceptives Essay

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A Closer Look at Gender Contraceptives
"Let 's talk about sex, baby/Let 's talk about all the good things/And the bad things that may be," so, let 's address the "bad things" society does not "talk" about, such as the responsibility women must take to prevent pregnancy and STDs (Kalveit 1). The role of women in this case seems unjustifiable; education and accessibility to birth control was almost non-existent until 1916 and have been closely regulated or restricted since then, compared to condoms, which has been around since the River Valley Civilization (Escobar 1). According to Planned Parenthood, men have five choices of "birth control": vasectomy, condoms, abstinence, withdrawal, and the outercourse method (any sexual activity without vaginal intercourse). In comparison, women have many options, therefore, justifying their role as the dominant partner responsible for preventing pregnancy, right? No- despite the fact that women have more options, their contraceptives are significantly higher in price (up to six times higher than males), are not widely distributed, does not prevent STDs, and comes with more medical risks (Berg 1). Furthermore, with the many options to choose from, women are "nudged" to use the oral contraceptive pills or the female sterilization before buying a condom for their partner (Scommenga 1). This may seem like an irrational choice because condoms are cheaper and given out for free at clinics, yet it is only the 3rd most widely used…

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