Essay on A Close Study Of Weapon 's Training

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The many aspects of power within a novel effectively shape how readers interpret the composer’s distinctive message. A close study of Weapon’s Training by Bruce Dawe, Mother Who Gave Me Life by Glen Hardwood and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley would enable readers to understand how effectively the writer has conveyed aspects of power. Knowledge is a form of power that can lead in many paths and at times, control those who desire it. Similarly, the power to dehumanise an individual can result in one’s loss of identity. Nature is the strongest form of power as it is inescapable to humans. The texts’ themes and literary devices effectively convey these aspects of power.
Gaining knowledge through human experiences is a strong aspect of power. It influences an individual’s understanding of morals and personal ethics. Both Harwood and Dawe explore the idea that individuals with plentiful knowledge are likely to have the upper hand, thus conveying a strong aspect of power in society. Dawe uses repetition when he says “You’re dead dead dead”, emphasising the message the officer wants to drill into his soldiers so they won’t go out and die needlessly. The sudden use of punctuation breaks the erratic rhythm of the poem. This underlines the knowledge which the sergeant holds that one can be alive one moment and dead the next. It effectively conveys the power of knowledge. The blood imagery “You’ve copped the bloody lot just like I said and you know what you are?” indicates the reality…

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