A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess Essay

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A dystopian society is one in which the government enforces a certain lifestyle upon its people without giving them a choice to live their lives otherwise. Their main goal is to control everyone and make them conform to these expectations. This type of futuristic society was created by Anthony Burgess in his novel A Clockwork Orange. In the book, the reader can identify one main theme; the importance of free will. The reader is taken through the book by 15-year-old Alex whom along with his friends are described engaging in activities such as rape, violence, and theft until he is subjected to a form of conditioning that “cures” him of this violent nature. In 1971, director Stanley Kubrick adapted the novel into a film under the same title, A Clockwork Orange. Sharing the same theme as the novel, the film addresses the idea that although this character continuously chooses to commit acts of evil he has done so out of his own free will; contrary to when he is conditioned that he no longer has a true choice in what he does. Although Kubrick chose to make minor changes to the original source text, his adaptation of Burgess’ novel proved to be a success because it was ultimately a faithful interpretation of the story.
Burgess was inspired to write the novel after a visit to the Soviet Union in 1961 (Encyclopedia.com). While he was there, he noticed several gangs roaming the streets committing all sorts of violent acts. For this reason, he chose to create the character of Alex and…

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