A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess Essay

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This past month, I read the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. After choosing this piece, I did a little research on the author and his work. To my surprise, A Clockwork Orange is a classic novel that has been widely acclaimed. In 1971, the novel was even translated into the film industry by Warner Brothers Company. The movie skyrocketed book sales throughout the world and thus the film adaptation cemented the book even further to the top of the acclaimed reading list. Anthony Burgess often expresses that he wishes he was not widely known for what he calls his most “minor” work (“A Clockwork Orange,” n.d.). Anthony Burgess himself, did not publish his first works until he was around 40 years old. He may have never followed through and published his work without the life shattering news that spurred a period of frantic writing. The news of his brain tumor diagnosis led him to write five novels in one year (1960), hoping that the publishing of his work would provide for his wife after he passed. Burgess later learned that his condition was misdiagnosed. No matter the misdiagnosis, Burgess continued to write, and over his lifetime wrote nearly 40 novels. Surprisingly, Burgess does not claim A Clockwork Orange as one of his best works, yet the story lives on. This novel covers a variety of pressing topics and was inspired by Burgess’ return to England after his time teaching in Malaya and Brunei. A new youth culture had emerged in England which inspired the plot and…

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