A Client Case Study Of A 54 Year Older Women

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Client Introduction JL is a 54 year old women with a Caucasian decent, she was put into the system at age 5 where she was in and out of different foster homes. She was finally put into the system here at the DCLS program about 35 years ago. She comes to Scott Road Connections everyday through the entire year. She is 5’4’’ and weighs 145lbs. She has blue eyes, short brown hair, and is fair skinned. JL’s hobbies consist of going for walks, doing puzzles, dancing, shopping and bowling. She maintains fairly good skin, her hair is normally uncombed and unwashed. Her favourite color is blue. She has had work experience before at a farm that she really enjoyed working at, unfortunately it shut down few years ago. JL suffers from schizophrenia (auditory and hallucination), development disability, bi-polar, histrionic traits, dementia, PTSD, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes. Depending on what medication is given to her before coming in, she may feel lethargic, as she is very sedated.

Client’s Reason JL lived with her patents
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JL comes in with unwashed hair but usually has a change of clothing. She wears loose clothing that is unisex, with casual runners. JL is able to walk however she does tend to wobble. JL is sociable and will interact in activities for a short time period. Her demeanour is often happy however she does have mood swings (bi-polar) and can be attention seeking. She has a good sense of humour, but is stubborn. She has a short attention span and can be sensitive about her short-term memory loss. JL is able to verbally express her thoughts and feelings. JL’s father passed away and her family has a history of mental illnesses. Her mother has diabetes and she also has diabetes, as it is hereditary. She is not independent and has not been; she has been in care for over 50 years. However, she has only been with 2 different caregivers within the last 20

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