A Clearer Definition Of Free Will Essay

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To determine whether or not Satan has free will in “Paradise Lost, first we will broadly define free will to determine a clearer definition of what Milton considers as free will. According to the Oxford Dictionary, free will is “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion” (Oxford Dictionaries Language Matters). In “Paradise Lost,” because the notion of free will seems to contradict what we consider to be freedom, we will first consider how free will applies to human beings compared to fallen angels. Also, since Satan convinces himself and others through the appearance of free will, we will consider when Satan seems to be in control of himself and others. Finally, we must really decide if Satan is able to make choices, and ultimately determine why Satan does not have free will. It seems that Milton 's idea of free will is possessing reason and the ability to apply it to will, however, Satan 's lack of freedom allows us to conclude that he does not have free will although the appearance of free will allows him to convince himself and others that he does. Obviously, Milton 's definition of free will, and how it applies to Satan, is rather complex and contradictory, which leads us to consider if anyone, other than God, is able to choose and execute their own judgments. Because we can loose our freedom either physically, mentally, or spiritually, by analyzing what Milton implies as free will, we can more…

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