Essay on A Clean Well Lighted Place By Ernest Hemingway

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The narrator demonstrates the central theme of the fiction story “A Clean Well Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway by having three age groups young, mid aged and older view the meaning of life. I believe that the theme of the story is that life has no desired meaning, and that everyone ends the same way, alone and dead in the ground. In the story life was viewed differently by the ages of each character described because they all have different situations and beliefs. The young waiter finds joy in his wife, the older waiter helps others, and the old man escapes by drinking. Although life is full of nothing but existence finding methods to cope with this strange reality is necessary to survive the most darkest thoughts. The younger waiter sees life as fun and full of opportunity. He displays himself as a person who is completely self absorbed with no intentions of showing sympathy for older generations. The younger waiter makes his life more enjoyable by viewing life to being filled with the company of his wife and having free will to do what he pleases due to the fact that he is still young. The younger waiter does not feel that he has to “waste his life away” at work so that a suicidal and drunk deaf old man could enjoy the scenery to escape his clouded mind. He believes that the old man just has insomnia and if he had successfully killed himself everyone would be happier. This is because no one would have to work late to babysit him and could move on to bigger and…

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