A Clean, Crisp Midnight Air Essay example

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A clean, crisp midnight air is one of the best medicines in the world. It slithers in through nostrils, settles deep in lungs and seeps into the fibers of the being, cleansing them of impurities. A faint cocktail of the taco food truck, cheap beer, weed and damp autumn leaves accompany it. This is a crucial part of the medicinal process. It is familiar and makes an oddly comforting aroma within the belly. Shivering trees accompany the various club music as the breeze rustles their leaves and sweeps the ground in the same breath. Where the bats fly the black is smudged with glowing, grey clouds. The moon caresses the darkness with her loving reflection, giving the sense of security and serenity. There are distant, multicolor lights that pulse to their own tempo from nearly every establishment that boasts a neon “OPEN”, painting the leaves in their kaleidoscope light. And dim street lamps cast cinematic yellow depressions across the puddled street.
Clumps and herds of young bodies huddle close to one another, both for social recognition and to chip the chilled air off their barren shoulders. For an unknown reason, a majority of the sidewalk dwellers are dressed in sequins and skin despite the visible shivering and shaking in protest. Everyone is at least paired, as is the Saturday norm. Some sway to the music boiling out from open club doors, others sway due to gravity, eight-inch heels, and probably a few too many shots.
“What do you think they’re all thinking?” My partner…

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