A Classroom 's Community And Environment Essay

1100 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
A classroom’s community and environment is what allows students to either learn successfully or unsuccessfully. If the environment is not welcoming, safe, and encouraging a student’s basic needs will not be met and their academic success will suffer consequently. I aspire to create a classroom environment that exudes creativity, safety, equity, and community. In order to create a collaborative learning environment, as I desire to, I must also adhere to learning differences of students and the uniqueness of my students’ development patterns. The following paper will discuss my understanding of how different students progress, how I will address the range of learning preferences and cultures, as well as how I will use that knowledge to create a collaborative learning environment.
While numerous philosophies claim to be the saving grace for reforming education and create collaborative classrooms, one thing they all agree on is that we want our schools to create intelligent, responsible, considerate adults. I personally believe that Social-Emotional Learning is the key to developing conscientious students of the future. “When schools attend systematically to students’ social and emotional skills, the academic achievement of children increases the incidence of problem behaviors decreases, and the quality of relationships surrounding each child improves, (Elias, M. J., & Zins, J. M., 1997).” While all students develop at a different rate, they all need to have social and emotional…

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