Essay A Classroom That Nurtures Literacy

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A classroom that nurtures literacy is led by a teacher-facilitator who weaves literacy lessons involving speaking and listening, reading and writing, and viewing and representing for authentic purposes throughout all areas of the curriculum while providing students choice. The teacher can “motivate and support individual students” and “inspire students to be readers and writers.” Students in these classrooms use technology to learn as well as to communicate and spend time on self-selected reading. The teacher regularly uses formative and summative assessments to adjust instruction to meet the students’ instructional needs and interests, has good classroom management, and “encourage(s) self-regulated learning.” Readers in these classrooms are matched with texts and/or choose texts that are appropriate for them based on readability or interest. The teacher is adept at providing support and background knowledge as needed to facilitate comprehension or skill acquisition in a whole group, small group, or individually which helps create a nurturing learning community.
Motivation to read is high in a classroom that nurtures literacy because of the positive Reader-Text-Environment triangulation. Readers are motivated to read because they are reading relevant or real world materials and they are given opportunities to make choices about their reading or writing. They are given feedback about their success and they are able to collaborate with their peers. These experiences with…

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