A Classroom Should Be Student Centered Learning Essay

1389 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
When thinking about how a classroom should operate, I believe that a classroom should be student centered. Student centered learning has shown that it is the best way for kids to learn the material that teachers are teaching. Having someone stand in front of a room and talk for over a half hour will not help the kids retain the information. Students should feel like they can engage in the classroom, while also engage with other classmates. The main ideas that I want to incorporate are the ideas of progressivism, and a little bit of a combo of behaviorism and essentialism. Essentialism is needed because as a teacher there are times when you need to put your foot down in certain situations and make sure you have control of your class. Progressivism is important because everyone needs to learn to work together and have a say when it comes to something important. Finally, it is a must that every classroom has behaviorism in it because kids need to be motivated in and outside of the classroom. When looking at the role of a teacher, I find that it is the most important aspect of the classroom. It is the most important because without a teacher there would be no school for children to learn. The teacher must also always have control of his or her classroom. The reason being is because teachers are not only in a classroom to teach students, but also to keep everyone in order and the peace among them. In an essence, teachers set the tone for how a classroom should operate and to…

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