A Classroom Environment That Stimulates The Diverse Learner Population

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As a fifth grade teacher it is my goal to provide a classroom environment that stimulates the diverse learner population. Traditionally, the majority of the lessons are plan toward the level of understanding of most of the student, but by incorporating educational resources in the classroom, the entire classroom population can involve in learning simultaneously.
Multimedia: Interactive Software
Research is studying the probable benefits of computer-based instruction is substantiated in basic learning theory and is identical for all learners, including both those with and without mild disabilities. According to Hasselbring and Williams research indicates that use of technology can enhance a student 's acquisition of skills and content knowledge when the computer is used to deliver well-designed and well-managed instruction.
An educator 's fundamental objective is to help learners develop abilities and knowledge that can be utilized in practical settings; numerous computer-based applications, for example, multimedia presentation tools, can provide learners with occasions to use their skills to engage in projects that address real-world problems. (Hasselbring, T. Williams Glaser, C., 2000)
Learning Disabilities:
Learners experiencing persisting difficulties learning may find it problematic to keep up with the others learners, regardless of an educator’s attempts to meet their requirements in the conventional classroom. However, technology has proven to be a successful approach…

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