A Classroom Based On Socioeconomic Diversity Essay

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This paper will be discussing a recent fifteen hour field experience I participated in which I observed students of diverse socioeconomic groups. I will be discussing how I have a better understanding of how a student’s socioeconomic status influence their behavior and actions in the classroom. I will discuss any prejudices/discriminations I observed in the classroom based on socioeconomic diversity. I will also describe how this experience has made me determined to try to create a positive learning environment for students with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in the classroom.

Keywords: Experience, socioeconomic group, diversity
Diverse Socioeconomic Field Experience Report My field experience was completed at Isanti Intermediate School in Isanti, MN. I was in a fourth grade classroom with approximately 25 students with diverse socioeconomic background. I assisted students in both group and one-on-one settings. I also had the opportunity to observe the class as a whole during various activities. I worked with students in the subjects of math, reading, and writing. This experience greatly increased my awareness of how socioeconomic diversity has great influence in the classroom. I feel that I have learned greater sensitivity to students who are facing economic challenges. What I viewed as a discipline issue before this experience may not necessarily have been the student being naughty, but rather their actions and reactions are a result of their…

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