A Classroom And Teaching Geography Essay

794 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Social Studies this semester has been a learning experience. I have learned many ideas about Social Studies, but three stand out as the big ideas. These three are different curriculum structures, a democratic classroom and teaching Geography. In addition to these takeaways I have also changed my view on Social Studies in today’s classrooms.
Going to an interview I will be able to ask what curriculum structure they have for Social Studies. I will know what they are, the advantages and disadvantages to both. The first curriculum structure is Expanding Horizons. The Expanding Horizon Curriculum is a scope and sequence pattern for young students. Based on developmental needs, and the environment around the child. This curriculum structure starts with the child’s self in Kindergarten. Since most children are egocentric at this age some feel it is proper. As the child grows, it moves out to communities and cities. The students do not learn about the United States until Fifth grade and the world in Sixth grade. The advantages of this structure is students ' are learning about what is close to them, and what they have prior knowledge about. The disadvantages are repetition of the same type of lessons by different teachers. For example community helpers, some students receive a community helper lesson in Kindergarten, First grade and again in Second grade. The other curriculum structure is the Spiral Structure. This structure design is introducing concepts and themes early in…

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