A Classification Of Walter White 's Morality Essay

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A Classification of Walter White’s Morality Methamphetamine, commonly known as “meth,” is a chemical substance that affects human nervous system in many undesirable ways. Despite of its many physical, social, and environmental side effects, meth consumption is continuous among teenage males. Both Adam Barkman and Greg Littmann present their views on a fictional producer of this deadly substance, Walter White; and how Walt’s morals and his thoughts about meth production have impacted his character, and his actions of producing meth has questioned legal rights and wrongs of recreational and legal drugs production and its producer. Although both authors argue different aspects of the same topic, they differ when it comes to the question of Walt’s morality. In “It’s Arbitrary”, Barkman successfully refutes Littmann’s claim by providing accurate and concise evidences and claims and proving Littmann wrong for his own arguments by using “clear headedness principle.”
Society is governed by people 's senses of right and wrong. Cultural beliefs say that we should not abuse anyone without any reason and people should not spread violence in our society. If someone is in physical or mental harm, we are supposed to help them in order to relieve their burden. Meth is a chemical substance that increases the risk of damage to the body of its consumer over time. Littmann says, “Walt’s crime differs very significantly from burglary and mugging in at least one extremely important respect:…

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