Essay on A Classic Mic That Has Virtually No Proximity Effect

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Here is a classic mic that is a favorite the world over. This mic is used on a lot of other things besides vocals, but it is hard to not think of vocals and the RE20 together. One of the well known characteristics that this mic is known for is the fact that is has virtually no proximity effect. The proximity effect is a boost in bass response associated with directional microphones when you come within roughly 12” of the mic. The proximity effect can be used to your advantage, but it needs to be kept in check when you have a vocalist with the habit of bobbing his head closer and further from the mic.

Earthworks SR20
This unique looking mic is also known for having very little proximity effect. Its flat frequency response, wonderful off axis rejection and detailed highs makes it worth every penny. If you have not tried an Earthworks mic, you owe it to yourself.

While we could go on and on about all of the mics you could buy, let’s skip the exhaustive mic list and continue on with the art of recording great vocals.

The simple but essential basics
I know, the basics are not the most exciting part of a tutorial on how to record great vocals, but don’t skip them. These are the foundation of good vocal recordings.

Set your input level right
Even though this one should be so basic that it is insulting, I still get to endure the sound of vocal tracks that are driven to digital clipping on a regular basis. If your recordings are distorting with that awful digital clipping that…

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