A Class Disgust Towards Mainland China Hong Kong Essay

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Various incidents indicate that a class disgust towards Mainland China in Hong Kong is widely existing. However, the causes of the class disgust are complicated. The economic factor is vital in the formation of the class disgust. According to Yiu, Hong Kong government spends extra 30 million Hong Kong dollar taking care of pregnant women from Mainland China ([my translation] 3). Mainlanders are adding more burdens to Hong Kong people because Hong Kong people have no choice but to pay taxes to take care of those pregnant women. Another data shows that in 2011, Mainlanders accounted for 19.2% of the total deal of Hong Kong housing, around 60 billion Hong Kong dollars (" 'Locust Theory ' is emerging: Explanation with Images" n.p.). It means that Mainlanders are occupying housing resources in Hong Kong so that Hong Kong people hardly find a place to live. Furthermore, the quota of milk powder purchased in Hong Kong also reflects the fact of Mainlanders overbuying milk powder in Hong Kong ([my translation] Zhang). Hong Kong people believe that Mainland China is threatening their economies. In the video "Hong Kong Anti-overbuying People Quarreling with a Helpless Mother with Her Daughter", a teen said, "Mainlanders are occupying our housing, our hospitals, robbing our resources" ([my translation]). China is experiencing an increasing economy, and people 's living standard is becoming higher. Therefore, Mainlanders enjoy shopping in Hong Kong. However, they are considered as…

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