A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens Essay

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A Christmas Carol is a unique narrative because there are very few examples of works he was influenced by. Dickens’ ideas were very individualized and he brought a new idea of what Christmas is because he used unique techniques such as the inclusion of ghosts. The novel inspired many theatre and movie adaptations because it is a timeless and iconic tale of Christmas. It is adapted so many times because it appeals to all audiences and there is a wide variety of symbolism that can be adapted. Although A Christmas Carol does contain influences from other sources, it influences more works than it was influenced by.
One aspect that makes A Christmas Carol unique is the presence of the three ghosts that reveal Scrooge’s character traits. The Ghost of Christmas Past shows that Scrooge’s Christmases as a child were very sad and is one reason he is wicked during the holidays. The Ghost of Christmas Past also shows the reader why Scrooge is lonely in the present by showing his original love interest, Belle. Scrooge was happy at the Christmas with Fezziwig and Belle but he ruined his chance at love. Belle left Scrooge because he was too selfish and greedy and this shows that Scrooge destroyed his happiness from an earlier action. The Ghost of Christmas Present primarily shows Scrooge what he doesn’t know about his clerk Bob Cratchit. The softness in Scrooge’s personality is revealed when he feels sympathy for the Cratchits and Tiny Tim. The Ghost of Christmas Present directly quotes…

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