Essay on A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

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The story A Christmas Carol has a very important theme that relates to real life. The author Charles Dickens was able to relate his theme in the play to a real world problem. One of the main themes of this play is the fact that kids and the not wealthy are taken advantage of. This caused the reader to be able to realize their own wrong doings in their life and try their best to hopefully pursue to fix them. In a time of the Factory Movement in U.S. History, this was a story that really opened the readers’ eyes to a huge problem facing society during these times (Bloom N.P.). A Christmas Carol is a play that puts into light the conditions of the lower class compared to the upper class in this time period, Christmas in general and the effect the play had on peoples social view of it, and how the different social classes tend to forget about the needs of the others and think that money is the most important thing to obtain. One major thing that this play did was compare the difference between the upper and lower class. The upper class tended to waste their money and be more arrogant and obnoxious while the lower class would be more kind hearted and worked harder for their money. This can be shown through the characters in the play. Scrooge would represent the upper class as a obnoxious man that only cared for himself and took pity in no one. The Cratchit family was the exact opposite as they were from the lower class and often were selfless and cared for the good of others.…

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