A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens Essay example

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens shows Scrooge learning the spirit of Christmas, changing himself, and becoming a more compassionate person. In the story, Scrooge meets three ghosts, past, present, and future. The first ghost shows him that he used to be a happier person. The second ghost shows him that his behavior causes trouble for other people. The third and final ghost shows him what could happen if he refuses to change his ways. After meeting each of these ghosts, the reader begins to see Scrooge change for the better. In the beginning of the story, Scrooge is a miserable man who seems to hate pretty much everybody. He does not allow his clerk to have a fire and does not participate in Christmas. When Marley’s ghost visits him, he tells him that three spirits will visit him. As the opening in this manner guarantees the pursuer if Jacob Marley’s demise seven years prior, it altogether emphasizes Scrooge’s death in life. Scrooge then scorns his nephew’s occasional welcome, resents his assistant his holiday, and repulses charitable organizations. (Wagner, 1) Soon after, he is shown visions by each of the three spirits, the first of which being the Ghost of Christmas Past. The first ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Past, shows him that he used to be a much more joyful person. Scrooge sees himself in the most literal style, moving back in time and going up against himself at various stages in his procedure of determination. (Hardy, 1) Scrooge is taken to a warehouse…

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