A Christmas Carol Analysis

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A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge. All he cares about is himself, money, and personal gain. By the end of the story he happy, he was also generous and cared about other people not just himself.
In the beginning before this all started Scrooge was mean and cold hearted. He didn't care about anyone else except himself. Scrooge lives in a dark and gloomy house, it is dark and gloomy because he doesn’t pay for electric. When The Portly men asked Scrooge for donations for charities he would always reject The Portly men and Scrooge would laugh and feel proud of himself.After The Portly men asked for donations, Scrooge's nephew came over and asked Scrooge would want to join them for dinner. Scrooge replied “humbug” and said no. Then on that night Scrooge saw Marley’s ghost, and he was frightened and scared. Marley was Scrooge's partner they had the same personality and one day Marley died and Scrooge was kinda sad about his death. When Marley appeared he warned Scrooge about three ghosts to help him change.
In the next stave Ghost of Christmas Past came, the ghost looked like a candle stick and he was quite. The ghost took Scrooge to his childhood area, Scrooge trembled and he shed a tear
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The ghost wore a black cloak that covered everything but one hand, the ghost id also tall. Yes Scrooge is fearful but by now he knows that he learn a new lesson. So the place that the ghost takes him is the beadiling shop where he sees all of these clothes and other stuff, but he doesn't realize that all that stuff is his. Then the ghost and Scrooge walk around a graveyard and sees this couple that are happy about Scrooge's death, sadly Scrooge doesn't know that the grave the couple was at was his. Then at the graveyard the ghost told scrooge that the grave was his in the future. So Scrooge believe the ghost and promised the be thankful for Christmas and honor

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