Essay about A Christian Worldview

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When one thinks of a worldview, they often realize that it is “a set of concepts that assembles everything else we believe into a coherent whole.” (Taylor Notes, p. 1)There are many different world views that have become prominent throughout our society. One that is the most prominent is the idea of a Christian Worldview. This proclaims how to think Christianly while leaving within the aspects of the world. (Taylor Notes, p.1) By obtaining a Christian worldview, one demonstrates that they are the students whom defy the odds in order to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus and His love for one another. They often demonstrate this through their livelihood and the decisions that allowed for them to follow the path that God has laid out for them. This is exactly the means for many Christians, especially for those whom attend Christian Universities and are following Gods’ path for their life. I am one of these people whom uses her Christian worldview in her personal life to lead others to Christ and demonstrate His love for each other. Hello, my name is Alison Blackmon and this is my story. I am often viewed differently than others whom I come in contact with (especially at places like the University of Mobile). One reason for this is because I am a devout Christian, secondly because I am a Pentecostal, and finally because I am a Pastors Child. Having all three of these aspects might demonstrate myself to others as “a Holy Roller”, “Overprotective” or “a PK”. Despite what others…

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