A Christian Worldview Is A Theory Of Life And Worldview

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A worldview is a theory (or philosophy) of life or conception of the world. A world view is a mental motto of one’s actuality of living. Although our conception of life is sometimes influenced by the people who we watch on television, in our households, or who we associate ourselves with, we all have a sole outlook on the reason we are here. One will ask themselves at some point in their lifetime : why am I here? What is my purpose in life ? What happens after death? Is there a God? At some point in a persons life as the mind matures, they eventually come up with a worldview of their own. Surrounded by all religions, the question of origin is ingrained in God. A Christians worldview today 's is naturalism, that ultimately answers
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God is the center of the world and he is the creator of all things. The belief is that we are all here for a purpose, but there is sin, therefore death is upon us. One day God sent our savior or messiah (Jesus), which is Gods son. Jesus came to earth to provide a solution, and the solution was to cover all of our sins, which refers to salvation. Salvation is the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences, and Jesus made this all possible for us. Because of salvation from Jesus, we are all supposed to go the promise land(heaven).Earth is kind of like going on vacation, and vacation is just an extended period of recreation away from home, so we all know we have to eventually go home. With that being said,living here on earth is just temporary and once we die we go to heaven (which is our homes). Conclusion: On the whole, Christianity is one of the most popular religion in the world. Although it began as Judaism during the first century in Israel, It covers about one third of our population, which is about 2 billion followers.
Christians believe that Jesus was human being, and also God. He died for all of our sins, and he is anointed as the messiah or savior, who will come to the world. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, but Christians believe that Jesus is the trinity, God’s son, and the Holy Spirit.

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