A Christian Vocation And The Mission Of Jesus Essay

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A Christian Vocation Called To Be and To Become
Every Christian has a vocation to share in the mission of Jesus. There are many inspirational people in the world such as Catherine Mcauley who have dedicated their time and lives to those who need it. A Christian vocation is a call from god to use your gifts and talents to meet a need in the world. It is made up of marriage, growth and development. Men and women both reflect on God’s vocation and teachings by contributing to gods activities. People do this by using their talents and gifts given to them by god in their following vocations. All Christians are born to share the mission of Jesus and to live as a priest, a prophet, and a king. Jesus mission was to teach us to follow our catholic vocations in the world that were given to us to live a fulfilled life in happiness and peace. “The Lord tells us: I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. In these few words, he gives a command and makes a promise. Let us do what he commands.” (LinktoLiturgy,n.d.)
Jesus first role as a divine human was to act like and be a Priest. A priest is a mediator or a bridge that performs religious rights and makes sacrificial offerings. (loylapress, n.d) Priests are people in the Old Testament who offered sacrifices to God in order to cleanse sin. Priests are representations of Jesus as he is the true priest who offered himself a sacrifice. He cleanses us of our sin. Jesus made a…

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