A Christian Ministry Of Mercy And Love Essay

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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This is a famous quote from Mother Teresa, a well-known sister from Calcutta. She served the poor with great love and compassion. Like Mother Teresa, we get to experience living her actions by helping homeless people to get through the day. This is through the help of The Scott Mission which is a Christian Ministry of Mercy and Love. It provides care to men, women, and children that are homeless or in need of their services. It also provides overnight housing, hot meals, childcare center, and spiritual support. It also offers activities for people that wants to help and to be involved in their mission to serve the poor. This is through volunteer works, donations, and gifts such as groceries and clothing. Our religion class is privileged to join and work with people that supports the unfortunate, and also to interact with people living with difficulties in life.
The Scott Mission does not only deal with people that don’t have a home to live in, but also the people that are on the verge of losing their home. Homelessness does not only mean that they don’t have enough funds to support themselves. It is much deeper than the money. It also involves lack of emotional support that leads to mental illness such as depression from loss of job or broken marriage. Their lack of wealth can still have an advantage which they become more faithful and more open towards God, with only dignity as their weapon of choice. They follow…

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