A Chosen Canadian Leader, And Integrate Textbook Theories Into It

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Attempting to complete a task as a team can work well in some situations, and not as favourably in others. In this situation, and in the case of our team, it worked out positively. Our team included Kayla, Neal, Landon, Katy, and myself, a fairly gender and experience diverse group, which can help in the decision making processes by eliminating some biases (Steven L. Mcshane, 2014). The team seemed to work together cohesively without any issues. This may be a result of the team being relatively small, or due to the fact that most team members seemed to display a very outgoing and friendly attitude to one another, whatever the case, there were no conflicts between members. Our task was to write an essay about a chosen Canadian leader, and integrate textbook theories into it. This gave us a complex enough task so that it was a benefit to have a team effort versus doing the work individually.
There was no defined team leader, we each had a common goal and worked towards it as a unit. We were able to divide roles efficiently, giving sections and topics of the report to each person. Then each group member passed their portion on to Neal, who edited and finalized the paper. This could have been arranged more efficiently, and instead of the sequential passing of information, we should have used a reciprocal system, where information flows from and to each person involved (Steven L. Mcshane, 2014), allowing for a greater team input and better overall critique. However, each person…

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