A Child 's Temperament Was Assessed Through An Open Ended Questionnaire

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The baby’s temperament was assessed through an open-ended questionnaire given to the mother and through observation. In the questionnaire, the mother described her child as curious and adaptable. Temperament can be described as an infant’s behavioral style which includes reactivity, and sense of self. For example, attachment plays a crucial role in an individual’s temperament; a baby with secure attachment is likely to develop high self-esteem (Davies, 2011). Developmental theorists, Thomas, Chess, and Birch (1970), describe multiple components of temperament which were assessed throughout observation. These traits include: activity level, regularity, approach/withdrawal, adaptability, persistence, intensity, distractibility, sensory threshold, and mood. From assessing these characteristics, the theorists established categories of temperament that describe a child’s adaptability to new situations and stimuli (Thomas, Chess, & Birch, 1970). In the observation, the mother spoke of how easily her infant adapts to new people, places, and situations, which is justified throughout the observation. Beginning with the activity level, the baby constantly moved around and was engaged with his environment, indicating his level of comfortability with his surroundings. He was able to regulate his systems through familiar objects such as his blanket and pacifier. When he was given to the observer (a new person) he adapted easily by fluently interacting and…

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