A Child 's Critical Developmental Age Essay

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A child’s critical developmental age ranges from the time they are born to about 3 years old. At the age of 2 to 3 months old, the baby “soak[s] up everything in his environment,” and at the age of 2 to 3 years old, he begins to understand “the basic building blocks of relationships,” and “the more complicated aspects of everyday life” (BabyCenter Medical Discovery Board). What are parents teaching their children during this critical developmental stage? Or more specifically, what role does Disney and Pixar play on them? While the movie Tangled (Conli, 2010) and The Incredibles (Walker, 2004) encompasses the traditional gender roles of women, who can be stereotypically described as dependent, sensitive, compassionate, and nurturing, as well as the traditional gender roles of men, typically described as ambitious, competitive, dominant, and individualistic, the main male and female characters of both movies break free from these gender roles to become the new role model for children to learn and follow.
Both Rapunzel and Elastigirl start off as passive, stereotypical female characters. “Women [stereotypes]… are implicitly associated with… family and domesticity… and low authority” (Fine, 2010). In the opening scenes of Tangled, Rapunzel encompasses the very stereotyped female character that stays at home and does heavily gendered associated chores and activities. In the minute long scene succeeding the “Mother Knows Best” song, Rapunzel is shown gallivanting around her room…

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