A Child 's Brain Development Essay example

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Every one is born the same, every one is born equal, it 's how you live your life that determines how successful you will become. Your economic life is given to you at birth and people from low and high economic class lead very different lives. With the majority of those lower paid family 's never making it to the working class or high class. Success can be defined differently between the classes are their are many reasons for this. In Kevin Huffmans textbook "Psychology In Action" he talks about the physical disabilities that lower income children face. In addition to permanent brain changes, children who lack reliable care and stable attachment, show not only lower intelligence but also less empathy for others. Malnutrition can retard a child 's brain development, which in turn affects the child 's habits of mind which can lower a child 's IQ. The reverse is also true: an enriching environment free of neglect can set the stage for ultimate intellectual growth. In his chapter "Class In America" Gregory Mantsios talks about the differences between the different economic classes and success. He determines that class standings and life chances are largely determined at birth and he talks about the myth that every one has an equal chance to succeed. America is the land of opportunity for some more than others while rich people are born into a life of luxurious living accommodations and opportunity that are not afforded to those with lower income. People do not choose to be poor…

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