A Child Of Hitler Germany Essay

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Alfons Heck wrote the book, A Child of Hitler: Germany in the Days When God Wore a Swastika as a reflection of his life during the time of Hitler’s rule. Throughout the book, Heck recalls being exposed to National Socialism beginning at a very young age. He quickly became fascinated with it, as did many other children. Heck was involved in a group called The Hitler Youth. The Third Reich set up The Hitler Youth to have children trained to become the future of Nazi Germany. This was a group of young boys and girls who were to be solely devoted to Hitler as well as Germany. As Hitler gained support, his political party grew which spread National Socialism. As shown through Heck’s experience, most children were brainwashed to support National Socialism while later in life many began to regret their acceptance.
The Hitler Youth was brainwashed at a very young age to be devoted to Hitler. They were made to believe Hitler was a great man and even their savior. To be sworn into the Hitler Youth, first a child must be conditioned to accept the two basic tenets of the nazi creed. These were believing in the innate superiority of the Germanic-Nordic race, and the conviction that total submission to the state was the first duty. They were fully devoted to fulfilling every order he made. Nazis began the brainwashing at a very young age, when it is easiest to manipulate children.
Hitler enacted various tactics to reel in the miseducated Youth because they could be of benefit to him.…

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