A Child Named Billy Is Raised By A Strict Household Environment With Parents

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A hypothetical child named Billy is raised in a strict household environment with parents who are steadfast in enforcing their rules. He is shown little emotion both when he accomplishes something and when he errs. His parents are comparable to a brick wall that is slowly pushing him forward, weather he likes it or not. Another hypothetical child, named Timmy, is raised by parents who hover above him and fawn over everything he does. On top of that, his parents turn a blind eye to his failures and allow him to fall into Timmy is never exposed to any hardship because his parents simply won 't allow it. Though both children are raised in extremely polar environments, they still encounter many issues that can be life ruining. Finding a median between these two type of parenting seems to be the most healthy way to raise a child. Parenting in an authoritative style, where rules are enforced but the child can talk and compromise, is the most healthy technique.
Many parents who grew up learning the old world parenting style of being rigid and strict with children, and would think to mirror it in todays society. They believe that the best way to raise a child is with unwavering rules and harsh punishment. It was thought that being gruff with children would teach them discipline and respect, better preparing them for the real world. According to modern research, however, having a rigid parenting style has been linked to both obesity and “risky behavior.” the article, Rigid Parenting…

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