A Child Called "It" Paper

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April 11,2012
George Boyd
A Child Called "It" Paper

In the first chapter of "A Child Called 'It'" the author Dave Pelzer illustrates a typical morning routine for himself. He wakes up, does his chores, gets beaten by his mother, Catherine Roerva, and tries to make it to school on time. He describes how his she is running around yelling at his brothers, stomping down the hallway towards the kitchen. As he is doing the dishes she catches him with his hand out of the scalding hot water for just a moment and she smacks him in the face, knocking him to the floor. She follows this up with more blows to the head and leaves seemingly satisfied with herself. What's surprising is that Pelzer says that he lets her feel like
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Hansen. As the school nurse reports her findings Mr. Hansen says that he's had enough of it and that makes Dave very scared. He fears that he will call his mother and tell her what Dave has said about her. Dave then describes how he is very shaky like jello, he cries and begs Mr. Hansen not to call. After he assures Pelzer that he is not going to call, he sends him off to class. When he arrives to his homeroom class, all the of the students plug their noses because of his old, smelly, worn out clothing. Before he can take his seat in class, he is summoned back to the administration office. As he enters the teachers' lounge, sitting in front of him are a couple of his teachers, the school nurse, the principal and a police officer. The police officer asks that he be informed of how his mother treats him and at first Dave is reluctant but eventually he caves in and tells the officer what he needs to hear. The school nurse shows the officer a scar on Dave's chest where his mother accidentally stabbed him. Dave tells him that his mother punishes him because he is bad. He feels so guilty that he is saying these things about his mother and he feels like he should protect her. The officer then asks David for his address and phone number. This scares him but he subsides and gives the information. When the police officer contacts David's mother, he is very scared that his mother will beat him worse than she ever has. When

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