A Child Called It By Harper Kill A Mockingbird, And Freedom Writers

1295 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Different races goes through different struggles every day no matter what the situation is or what the circumstances may be, and the stories like those told in, A Child Called It, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Freedom Writers explains the reason for that. In most societies blacks and whites see racial issues differently, and the different types of struggles they go through. There are numerous social aspects that boys/girls struggle with just because they are black, white, or Hispanic. As I read these books and read different article about how people go through different struggles, I enjoyed learning and reading about how hard life can be for people of other races and the things they go through. In the book/movie Freedom Writers, it tells you about how a lot of teens in different races go through struggles in their life, but they used writing as a way to change themselves and the world around them as well. In this book the students were convinced that they had nothing to learn from a white women that never experienced the discrimination, hatred, and violence they had in their everyday life. Gruwell tried to keep the students in school and class, but it was tough for her at first being that nobody in the class wanted to see a white teacher teaching them, and half of the students not liking each other or different groups not liking other groups. One day, she intercepted a not being passed around the classroom between students, the paper revealed a racist joke full of hate about…

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