Essay about A Child Being Taken Away From Their Parent

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The horror of a child being taken away from their parent is something that no parent ever wants. Protecting the children is the most important thing we can do as they are our future. When a child is taken away from their family and placed in a foster care home, broken away from their family. While there have been success stories of foster homes and adoptions. There are plenty stories of abuse of all kind (emotional, physical, and sexual). The removal of a child from their family is one of the worst things that ever happen. Why are there hundreds of cases of child abuses and neglect are coming up resulting in the removal of the child from the family? Are the CPS (child protective services) breaking up families because it’s the right thing to do or is CPS not doing their job good enough resulting in tearing families apart? What is best for the children overall? In this essay, I will explore both side of the spectrum and give analysis opinion of the issue.
A role of a parent is to develop and educate their children, to be fair when handling punishment, the home and financial situations are taken care of for the family. Taking care of their child’s everyday living needs like appropriate foods, clean surroundings, enough to sleep, play time, etc. provide a safe, encouraging and helpful atmosphere that allows the children to grow healthy. When that role of the parent is compromised by gross neglect with starving the adolescents, exposing them to dangerous things, parental drug…

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