Essay on A Child And Youth Care Practitioner

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The history of Canada is one that not many like to talk about. Between taking land, killings, residential schools, and high foster care rates there is a lot of intergenerational trauma that needs healing still. For this essay I picked Scenario number two, a story about an eight-year-old boy named Jackson. Jackson lives in Victoria, a city on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. From his story a Child and Youth Care practitioner can learn what inter-generational impact the children go through and how they develop because of community, family, and personal history. To do this a practitioner needs to look at the child or youth’s strengths and resources before deciding on what to do next for the child.
Jackson’s Story
Jackson grew up living in the city with his Mother, two older sisters and his Aunt who are all Metis. On weekends the family would visit other family in Comox, a small town about three hours away. Here they cooked, and played with their cousins. Jackson’s Mother has substance abuse issues, and while she is trying to go to school at night she is burden with the trauma of going to residential school for eight years. Because she is going to school and has her on issues to deal with her three children are often left alone and social services has been called a number of time. Finally, Jackson has been put into the adoption system after going to foster parents three times. His adoptive parents live in the city, have two children of their own and go to…

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