A Cheesecake Like A Dream Analysis

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A Cheesecake like a dream

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Recipe by:Hidesue Yamada (and recipe)

The etymology of the Japanese word "Yume(夢: dream)" comes from the word “Ime(寝目),” consisting of "I(寝: to sleep)" and "Me(目: to see)." It is said that the word was firstly used during the Heian period, as a metaphor for the Hakanasa(儚さ: transient). Furthermore, Hakanai(儚い) means that a person dreamed, which shows the sentiment value of the Japanese. In western countries, on the other hand, the word "Dream" invovles a romantic atmosphere, like a song: "Dream of you."

Then, how about "A Cheesecake like a dream?"
It would be not the more dreaming in your childhood dream dessert, Buguette with pudding. You would even realize the fleetingness(儚さ)
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② Make the . While cooling the base of the bowl, cover with another bowl with whipped cream, and whisk the cream until blended well.
③ Add sour cream, and mix well. Add remon juice and Kirsch. Stir until well mixed. is completed.
④ Make the . Put egg yolk, water and caster sugar in a saucepan. Cook over a low heat. Using a whisk, mix them into stiff peaks.
⑤ Drain and put gelatin, and soften it.
⑥ Put the room temperature cream cheese in a bowl. Use a whisk to beat until foamy, and put it into the on a saucepan, a little at a time (two times). Use a spatula to stir together, and the is served.
⑦ Put the into the , a little at a time (three times). Use a spatula to stir together.
⑧ Pour the dough. Refrigirate for more than 1 hour, and serve.

(Now it's close to completion!)

⑨Prepare the baked cheesecake, and put it on top of the no-bake cheesecake. Use a hair dryer to heat the sides of the pan, and leave the cake on the pan's base.
⑩ Sprinkle entire surface with sugar. Garnish with pistachino and gold leaf

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