Essay on A Chase For Freedom : The Issue Of Immigration

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A Chase to Freedom
In the 21st century, the main concern for many countries is the issue of immigration. With the increase of terrorist attacks, people are so defiant in letting others into their borders. In the U.S, many have tried to come up with a solution to this ongoing problem. Everyone expresses different views on how to handle this situation. Donald Trump believes in the irrational decision of deporting millions of families and building a wall along the border to solve this problem. Other candidates believe in a more rational decision that gives the families that are already in the states a chance to further their future in America while limiting the amount of people coming into the U.S. If the U.S government approved a new immigration reform, it would aid in the U.S. economy, decrease poverty levels in the minority sector, and increase security at our borders. With an Immigration Reform, families who struggle to provide for their families will have an opportunity at a better future. These families will be given the chance to a better job employment, increasing the possibility of paying for their children 's college expenses, and at the same time contributing to the American economy. In a growing economy, which includes various markets, employers look for hard workers that can increase the productivity of their company. A study done by American Immigration Council says, “Recent studies suggest that the economic value of a new legalization program would be…

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