A Character From The Television Series Dexter Essay

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A character from the TV series Dexter will be discussed viewing how his actions perceive in different ethical philosophies. The Character Dexter Morgan will be questioned and put on trial for his actions, through philosophies including Deontological Ethics (Kantianism), Morality and Virtue Ethics, Economic Ethical Theory (consequentialist theory), Utilitarianism, and Subjectivism. However regardless of the quota, theories of philosophers will be used in support of the argument to prove Dexters morality. The TV show Dexter is the story of a man named Dexter Morgan. Dexter works as the blood spatter expert/analyst for the Miami Metro Homicide Police Department, he has a girlfriend, a good relationship with his foster sister, and he likes to kill murderers. Dexter had a traumatic childhood and came to live with a foster family and was eventually adopted by them. His foster father Harry taught Dexter how to kill without being caught, and taught him rules for killing. Harry told him that Killing must serve a purpose and taught him only to kill other murderers. Dexter throughout the show lives by Harry’s rules. Different ethical philosophies such as Virtue Ethics and Economic Ethical Theory would have contradicting views on Dexter’s actions. This paper will discuss and put Dexter’s actions to trial and how they are perceived in different ethical theories. In theory, Deontological Ethics argues moral acts and their association to be either right or wrong because of the…

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