A Character Analysis Of Betas And Deltas

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Register to read the introduction… They are physically larger, more attractive humans with much intelligence and all the luxuries that anyone could want. The Betas through Epsilons are weaker as the classes become lower. In today’s society, our classes are based mainly upon money. The richer people are considered the highest-class people. Unlike the Alpha class, these people are not necessarily the strongest or the smartest but they are viewed as the most powerful. Middle class people are comparable to the Betas and Deltas. There is a large range of middle class. There are those that are close to high class and there are those that are close to being poor. The Betas and Deltas match this description. Again the main difference is financial standing versus physical superiority. Finally, the poor people of our society represent the Epsilon class. They are considered the weakest in society and are of least importance. Though they do play a role in making the society run, it is a weak

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