A Change Of Heart About Animals Essay

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Animal rights are the benefits that people give to animals. Benefits that people give from human use and abuse and the right to protection from human use and abuse and rights can take the moral, legal and practical forms. According to Rifkin 's article “ A change of heart about animals” there is evidence that animals do feel pain and love. For example, elephants moan when they lose a loved one, Koko knows sign language and understands bunch of words, pigs the react differently when they get what they want or when the allowed to play. And around the world and U.S people really don’t take these points into consideration. Therefore, there should be certain laws to protect theses animals from abuse of non animal lovers.

Paragraph 1
Based on my story back in my home country Afghanistan I used to have a dog. in third world countries there arent a lot of animal lovers. They usually abuse animals such as dogs, roosters, and even cats by putting them in to fight and betting money on them and whichever get injured badly or even dies the other dog will be the winner. And people tend to enjoy seeing animals suffer and just leave them on the streets. One day as i was coming from school there were big crowed of people gathered together and there were two dogs fighting at the end of the fight one of the dogs could not move at all, so me and my friend decided to take the dogs home and tie his leg. Although my parent did not approved the idea of keeping the dog, luckily my friend’s…

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