Essay on A Change Model Of Change

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First approach of change in organisation was developed as it is called planned organisational change. Esain, Williams and Massey (2008) stated that planned change views change as it is moving from one fixed state to another state following pre-planned steps from high level managers. Moreover, planned change is a change as result from top-down level inside an organisation (Cunha and Cunha, 2003). Under planned change, there is a popular model of change which was developed by Kurt Lewin to give a clear picture on the movement of change in an organisation; a change model of unfreeze-change-refreeze (Bartunek and Woodman, 2015). Lewin described that unfreezing starts from dissatisfaction, then there is a need for change in order for organisation’s restructuring, finally there is refreezing to sustain those new structure in an organisation. Due to the nature of planned change as change is determined from top-down through structure of organisation, it can help organisation in reducing ambiguity in communication since an overall content of change will be communicated through official tools such as official announcements or organisation’s intranet system that are used in an organisation (Voet, Groeneveld and Kuipers, 2014). Furthermore, Burnes (2004) also added that planned change provides clear overall objectives and time frame which helps managers and employees to aware of those changes in advance. On the other hand, there are criticisms on planned change as it is too simplistic…

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