Essay on A Change For The Better

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A Change For The Better
My grandmother, known as Sis also known as Fannie Osby, and I had a strong bond when I was growing up. She is a person that I can count on for guidance if I need help. Whenever I would think down on myself she always told me to never say I can’t and to always say I can. Because if you believe hard enough you can trick your brain and block out all the negative thoughts that you have and you can succeed. Without my grandmother I would not be the trusting and Independent person who I am today because growing up, she was a role model who provided me with comfort a safe place to live and provided me with food clothes and stability.
When I was growing up my mom and dad had alcohol and drug problems. My mom is off drugs and my dad still drinks a lot but I learned to live with it. My dad use to drink a lot he was not a nice guy when he was drunk. He knew he had a problem but he didn’t do anything about it. My mom would get annoyed with my dad drinking habits a lot and they would argue about it. But one thing about my parents we never went without food. We always had food in the fridge. My mom had a big dinner ready for me when I came home from school. We didn’t eat at the dinner table like you see on T.V. we all ate in different rooms most of the time. My parents ate in the living room while watching T.V. My brother and I played video games while we ate dinner. We would debate over music, sports, and video games. My brother is 3 years older than me I am 21…

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